What is MDEA?




The Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) is a premier awards program for the medical technology community. The competition is a prestigious, publicity-charged program that provides companies with year-round opportunities to increase the distinction of their award-winning products. The program is open worldwide to companies and individuals involved in the design, engineering, manufacture, or distribution of finished medical devices or medical packaging.

The awards recognize the achievements of medical product manufacturers and the people behind the scenes—engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians—who are responsible for the innovative inventions that are changing the face of healthcare.






Judging of the Medical Design Excellence Awards is conducted by an impartial panel of jurors appointed by the medical 

industry editors from Cannon Communications. There is a three day multiphase judging process where the panel of jurors carefully evaluates each product submitted. The panel of jurors then conducts an open discussion of all finalists in each category, and then votes to determine the products that will be designated MDEA winners. The jurors’ impartiality and independence has set a high standard for judging excellence and fair competition.

Each year’s MDEA-winning products are publicly announced in the April issue ofMedical Device & Diagnostic Industry magazine.

For more information about the Medical Design Excellence Awards please visit their website at http://www.devicelink.com/expo/awards/home/.