Key Strengths & Technologies


Demonstrated by the following devices:

I. Drug Delivery Devices:

  • Safety prefilled syringes (single and dual chamber) with vacuum auto-retractable needle, Collapsible plunger technology to reduce package and storage volumes of prefilled syringes.
  • Needle free connectors
  • Insulin pump
  • Vacuum-operated auto-retractable safety syringe and IV catheter
  • Wireless programmable drug delivery device (waterproof, 3 days dosage or longer)

II. Silicone Implantable (short and long term) device:

  • Liquid injection molds for silicone rubber with assembled prototypes in one month

III. Patient Monitor and Recording Devices:

  • Blood pressure and Oxygen, Temperature sensor, blood oxygen, and syringe injection flow speed sensor development
  • Software design and validation
  • Power management
  • PCB (circuit board) and LCD screen development and integration
  • PC input / output, data transfer by USB or wireless

IV. Electrical Surgical Devices:

  • Motorized electrical handpieces
  • Electrosurgical pencil
  • Motor driving technology to minimize vibration and noise
  • Heat transfer, metal housing, stainless axis system
  • Rechargeable battery pack and speed adjustment, autoclavable materials

V. Traditional Infusion Devices:

  • IV administration set, Burette set, blood transfusion set, IV auto stop device, needleless connector

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