Needle Free Connectors

The needle-free connector reduces the risk of accidental needle stick injuries. This device does not utilize needles that are traditionally used for the withdrawal of body fluids, administration of medication or fluid, or any other procedures that could lead to accidental needle stick injuries. 

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    One-piece needleless system

  • No back flow

  • Unique patented Dual-Seal Protection

  • Compatible with all standard Luer Locks and slip Luer connection

imageThe objective of this invention is to achieve needless injection and prevent backflow while eliminating the need for a spring activated mechanism. The current needle-free connector in the marketplace experiences many problems while it handles a wide range of viscosity of medications. This invention will eliminate the problems of current spring (either plastic or steel) activated connectors and provide better function with lower cost. It can handle a wider range of viscosity of various medications.

Automatic IV Shut Off Valve

imageThe invention provides an IV spike with drip chamber that incorporates an automatic shut off mechanism that prevents air from entering the IV tube when the container is empty which, in turn, prevents air from entering the patient’s vein. The IV spike also includes an air vent which allows the air in the drip chamber to vent out directly. After the injection is stopped, nurses can take off the spike and insert it into a new medicinal fluid container without removing the catheter from the patient.


Pump Tubing Set

imageIV administration set with one way check valve and needle free connector. This configuration is ideal for a complicated clinical application. One of our strengths is to customize any drug delivery system for a manual or a pump operated tubing set. We design and invest in molds for several system components to provide a complete solution. The tubing we offer includes silicon tubing for a pump set, DEHP free PVC tubing, microbore tubing for an extension set, etc.

Burette Set

image100 ml. and 150 ml. burette with Y-injection site. The burette chamber is scaled for accurate measurement of medication for critical and pediatric/neonatal care.

Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated Water Bottle

Safety Blood Collection Device

imageThis blood collection device uses vacuum force to retract needles after a procedure to avoid needle stick injuries. The parts are precisely designed and molded to produce the required vacuum force.

Syringe Pump Seat

imageParts for a programmable syringe pump system. This customer saves time and minimizes costs by outsourcing their design improvement, injection molds, manufacturing parts, and assembly of this sophisticated dispensing device to Globe.