Crime Scene Trace Evidence Preservation Gloves

Preserving, Protecting and Containing Crime Scene Evidence on a Violent Crime Victim’s hands

Benefits of Crime Scene – Trace Evidence Gloves

  1. Convenience of product packaging for quick deployment/use
  2. Optimal preservation, protection and containment of evidence with non-permeable material
  3. Creates a “universal practice” of collecting evidence on crime victim’s hands.
  4. Maintains physical integrity of evidence

High-Tech Digital Neurological Treatment Monitoring Device

A prestigious doctor with a revolutionary brain injury treatment needed a scientific method for measuring the administration of a solution for FDA submission.  A high tech digital interface was tailor made to measure the flow rate and temperature of the solution as well as its effects on the patient.

Technical Challenges:

  • Syringe flow rate sensor development
  • PC interface
  • Software development
  • Validate software and hardware to meet FDA safety guidelines
  • Optimize power management to obtain the best battery life and microchips power consumption
  • Select most cost effective LCD screen

Vacuum-Operated Auto Retractable Safety Syringe - 2010 Award Winner

The purpose of this safety syringe is to prevent needle stick injuries. The Vacuumed Auto Retractable Safety Syringe is a patented disposable syringe that is designed for one-handed operation and incorporates vacuum-operated automatic retractable technology. It is the ONLY Syringe that uses vacuum force (instead of spring) to retract the used needle into the barrel of the syringe after an injection is administered. This syringe is intended to replace non-retractable syringes currently on the market.

Technical Challenges:

  • Vacuum force needle retraction
  • Low activation force of safety mechanism
  • Ease of use

Future: Globe is currently expanding the application of this technology into single and dual chamber prefillable syringes, safety IV catheters, and other devices with needlestick risk

ICT - Patient Monitoring Device

Doctors from the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas, the #1 ranked Specialty Heart Program in the Southwest and one of the top 10 in the nation, partnered with Globe Medical Tech, Inc. to develop an innovative device designed to predict an individual’s risk of cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure.

Technical Challenges:

  • Integration of blood pressure, blood oxygen, and body temperature measurements
  • PC interface
  • Software development
  • Validation per FDA guidelines
  • Power management to ensure most effective power consumption

POWR Syringe - 2008 Award Winner

PowrSyringe injectorThe Powr Syringe Injector is a disposable hand-held device that adds ergonomic and mechanical advantages in injecting, monitoring, and aspirating fluids with speed, power tactile feedback and contrast media optimization. The clinical applications of Powr syringe include Angiography, Angioplasty Balloon Inflation, Gastroenterology, and Urology. The Powr Syringe has already been cleared for FDA 510k and is ready for mass production.


Home Medicine Station

The patented features in the Home Medicine Station are designed to aid people in maintaining compliance in their medication schedule. It has a well developed system that simplifies the challenge of taking medication as prescribed by the health care providers.

Electrical Surgical Pencil System

The electrosurgical smoke suction pencil (ESP) is an integrated multiple function electrosurgical hand piece. It was designed to combine 4 new functions in one piece. The four functions include smoke and liquid/ blood evacuation, dissecting, scraping, and coagulating. The traditional pencil has only one or two functions built inside the unit. In order to achieve different functions during surgery, the surgeon would have to change the devices tip. In addition, using the traditional pencil during an operation requires the help of an extra assistant to separately perform the smoke evacuation function.

Auto Retractable Safety Scalpel w/ Permanent Lock

The traditional scalpel with a disposable blade creates a major risk of sharp injury to the doctor, nurse, and patient. The Safety Scalpel, compliant with OSHA directives, provides protection for medical professionals from inevitable accidental cuts during surgical procedures. This patented innovative surgical scalpel is designed for use in the medical industry and incorporates spring-loaded automatic retractable technology. It is the only safety scalpel with features that meet all critical OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) safety device guidelines.

Technical Challenges:

  • Integration of safety features
  • Reliability and quality
  • Internal weight system

The lanier loop™

The lanier loop™ offers the next level in operative patent care and safety.

Designed to keep surgical drapes off of the patient’s face and airway during procedures that involve local anesthesia in the head, neck, or facial regions, the lanier loop™ provides the most patient-friendly, secure breathing environment in the industry.

Insulin Pump Syringe & Insulin Syringe

imageThis sophisticated 300 unit insulin syringe, made of insulin compatible medical grade PP, works inside an insulin pump. To inject the prescribed dosage for the patient, the syringe must be accurate and precise. The syringe is pushed by a software-controlled motor instead of human hands to eliminate any error.