ICT - Patient Monitoring Device

Doctors from the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas, the #1 ranked Specialty Heart Program in the Southwest and one of the top 10 in the nation, partnered with Globe Medical Tech, Inc. to develop an innovative device designed to predict an individual’s risk of cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure.

Technical Challenges:

  • Integration of blood pressure, blood oxygen, and body temperature measurements
  • PC interface
  • Software development
  • Validation per FDA guidelines
  • Power management to ensure most effective power consumption

Within Six months, three design revision cycles had been completed and a dozen identical, fully functional, prototypes were produced by Globe Medical Tech.  These high tech, computer interfacing, monitoring and recording devices were calibrated and included functional computer data analysis software, designed and implemented by Globes experienced in-house clinical, electromechanical, and software engineering team. 

The device is currently undergoing clinical validation testing and we look forward to its ability to successfully predict and prevent cardiovascular diseases.