Functional Product Samples

The finished functional prototype assembly is completed in the manufacturing facility to simulate the exact assemble condition. Therefore, Globe saves you lots of time, since we can solve any possible assembly problems in advance.

The following pictures illustrate the functional and assembled prototype of a retractable safety scalpel. We were able to test the functions of the scalpel since real materials were used such as: anti-slip rubber, steel spring, stainless blade, ABS, etc. The finished, assembled product was utilized for a thorough functional review.

Functional prototype assembled by ultrasonic welding

Functional prototype components

Retractable safety scalpel with anti-slip rubber & stainless blade

The following pictures of a Safety Syringe show the initial SLA prototype which is not accurate enough to test the function.

            SLA Prototype - version one         

SLA Prototype - version two

Globe's finished product as shown here uses the real materials for a function test. However, other companies offer SLA prototypes, but it takes more time to produce a real functional sample.

Finished functional sample