Electrical Surgical Pencil System

The electrosurgical smoke suction pencil (ESP) is an integrated multiple function electrosurgical hand piece. It was designed to combine 4 new functions in one piece. The four functions include smoke and liquid/ blood evacuation, dissecting, scraping, and coagulating. The traditional pencil has only one or two functions built inside the unit. In order to achieve different functions during surgery, the surgeon would have to change the devices tip. In addition, using the traditional pencil during an operation requires the help of an extra assistant to separately perform the smoke evacuation function.

The new built in evacuation tube can be operated simultaneously with other dissection or scraping during surgery. It provides the surgeons a one hand operation without changing the blade or electrode frequently. The end results can save estimated 40% of operation time and reduce bleeding due to its built in multifunction. As a result the overall cost for an operation is much lower. In conjunction with the RF electrosurgical generator, Globe’s ESP can generate waveforms optimized cutting and coagulation current. It also contains a retractable blunt dissector in surgical dissecting mode for dissecting, scraping and push peeling.

The Innovative Advantages

The electrosurgical smoke suction pencil (ESP) captures the smoke and the smoke evacuation machine filters the potentially hazardous and infectious bacteria and viruses from the room. The ESP differs from the conventional electrosurgical pencils that have the smoke suction tube as an attachment, because the smoke suction tube is connected directly to the electrosurgical pencil. The electrosurgical smoke suction pencil is easy to use and requires no compromise by the user. Unlike other electrosurgical pencils where the smoke evacuation tubing often comes in the form of a separate attachment that adds to the bulk of the pencil, the smoke evacuation tubing is located at the end of the pencil and does not add to the overall density of the product.

Electro Surgical Smoke Suction Pencil

The Advantages of The Electro Surgical Smoke Suction Pencil (ESP):

  1. It is the only ESP that integrates cutting, scraping, coagulating and suctioning functions into a single hand operated portable and digital electrosurgical smoke suction device.

  2. Unlike other electrosurgical pencils, users have to switch tips to achieve different functions; Globe offers a multifunctional tip that contains a blunt dissecting blade (scraping), an additional auto-retractable blade (cutting), a retractable electrode (coagulating) and a retractable fluid suction tube, all at the tip of the device (suctioning). All 4 features can be operated simultaneously and independently. The operation is easy and user friendly, no additional switch and action are needed.

  3. The ESP is the only electrosurgical device that offers an retractable blade to control the depth of resection.

  4. The built in suction feature removes not only the harmful smoke containing hazardous and infectious bacteria and viruses; but also the fluid and debris which obstruct the operation.

  5. The smoke suction tubing is connected from the machine filter to the end of the housing through inside of the handle to the tip of the electrode. It does not add to the overall density of the product, nor affect the surgical view. It absorbs the surgical smoke and waste to reduce harm to the medical staff and the patients.

  6. The electrosurgical smoke suction pencil can reduce 40% of the operation time, 60% of blood loss and the surgery costs.

  7. By using the electrosurgical smoke suction pencil, the surgical resection rate and postoperative survival rate increases significantly.

  8. The breakthrough design and features enable the surgery to reach the area where it was not able to, such as liver and bile duct.