Medical Product Engineering Design

Our design and engineering team has extensive experience in medical product design, injection molding, electronics, regulatory requirements, quality assurance, and manufacturing.

Strengths and Capabilities:

  1. Familiar with FDA, OSHA, and ISO guidelines.
  2. Understand all medical grade materials, sterilization methods (ETO Gas or Gamma Ray), and medical grade pouch/packaging requirements.
  3. Capability to complete a finished product cost analysis during the design stage.
  4. Allow you to offer regional customers different options with different material choices. For example, for products in the US, we use FDA certified medical grade materials. However, for products sold in China and Asia, we recommend local medical grade materials approved by the local Ministry of Health to reduce the cost.
  5. Extensive experience in developing safety medical devices and drug delivery systems (controlled syringes and pre-filled syringes), as well as safety retractable medical devices such as retractable syringes and scalpels, retractable butterfly sets, and retractable catheters.
  6. Expertise in integrating a functional design with correct molding and assembly procedures to create optimal value.
  7. Integrated design reduces trial and error and is a way to quantifiably minimize the cost of delay.
  8. Build functional assembled prototypes to verify the design concept.  Most rapid prototype companies can only provide customers with “components”.  These “components” are machined from SLA and SLS processes. They are “plastic-like” materials and are not accurate enough to perform functional tests.  In addition, rapid prototype companies do not have the capabilities to assemble the parts into finished products and also test the functions for you.  Our engineering team provides full service to make parts and assemble them using proper technologies needed (ultrasound welding, solvent, glue, etc.).   Our prototype parts can also be made from any specialized material like rubber, PVC or silicon tubes, metal or steel plates. Assembled prototypes are necessary for design verification.

Needle Free Connector

Retractable Safety Scalpel


Tubing/Cable Organizer

Tubing/Cable Organizer


Safety Syringe Family

Burette Set

AirWay Oral Gastric Tube

Insulin Pump & Insulin syringe

Butterfly Needle