Drug Delivery Technology

Globe is specilized in creating Custom Drug Delivery Solutions including Syringes of all types, Auto-Retractable Safety Syringes, Prefillable Safety Syringes, and Traditional Drug Delivery Systems.  Many of our Proof of Concept technologies are also available for development partnerships or integration into your device.

  1. Develop new patentable product and license to you.
  2. Customize any device with our patented needlestick prevention technology
  3. Create new patentable technology
  4. Combine both our in-house technology and new patentable technologies

Examples of Technology Utilization:

1) Prefillable Safety Syringes

  • Glass or Plastic
  • Single or Dual Chamber
  • Match your fill in process
  • Drug compatible materials for extend time of prefilled syringe

2) Auto-Retractable Safety IV Catheters
3) Innovative Drug Delivery Devices
4) Inhailer Devices
5) Add safety to any device with sharps injury risk