Custom Drug Delivery Solutions

Globe can leverage our propriatery technology to improve and add safety features and functionality to your devices.
  • Globe Medical Tech, Inc. has an extensive track record of successful development of innovative medical drug delivery & electronic monitoring devices.
  • Our product development cycle saves clients on average 20% to 30% in cost and time.
  • Proprietary in-house technology and patents are available for immediate integration within your device, or we can develop new patentable technology for your device.
  • Our patented safety vacuum retractable needle is available for license or co-development for any clinical application with the risk of sharps injury. 
  • Turnkey solution means that the development of your device, from concept through design, prototyping, functional samples, mass production and regulatory compliance, can be taken care of with just one phone call.
Current Pipeline Technologies including safety prefillable syringe home medicine station IV auto-shutoff valve safety prefillable syringe safety IV Catheter Inhaler, etc.



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